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Did you know that 80% of consumers use search engines like Google to find local information? That means 4 of 5 consumers use search engines to find local information such as a business' address, hours of operation and directions.

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Of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone,

50% of them visit a store within a day.

Simply put, if you don't have an online presence, it will affect your sales!

Not only are you trying to get found locally, but you're also competing with other businesses hoping to stand out from them in those listings. This is even harder if your business only shows on page five of a Google search. A lot of strategies are used to rank your business above your competitors to be found in local search and these require ongoing maintenance and monitoring. Using our years of knowledge, we work closely with our clientele to create the strategy that will give them the best ranking possible for their industry.

Here are a few key ways to get your business ranking higher on local search.

Google My Business

The first thing you'll want to do is create a Google My Business account. With Google being the most popular tool used to search the internet, it's a good idea to create an account and keep this updated. Creating an account on Google My Business lets people see your business on Google Maps.

Local Search

Plus, you can edit the knowledge panel that people see when they search for your business (see the example below).

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Bing Places

Pretty much the same process as creating a Google My Business account, except on Bing. Many new computers have Bing set as the primary search tool, therefore Bing Places is a really good account to have. This account will also allow you to edit the knowledge panel on a Bing search.

Google Reviews

Long story short, having good reviews, especially on Google, can help boost your local search engine optimization (SEO). So be sure to create a strategy to get your business online reviews from your customers.

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Reputation Management

Search engines notice when your business is on many different sites, this can increase your local search rankings because search engines like Google find you more reputable. Some listings you can create for your business include social media accounts, yellowpages, Google My Business, Bing Places, and many others. Before putting your business listing on any site be sure to know if they are reputable. You don't want to give your business a bad image by putting your business name on a site with a bad reputation.

*Note- This is SUPER IMPORTANT, when you create listings for your business, remember to keep your company information consistent. This includes your address, phone number, hours, ect.

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Website Optimization

Although it would be wonderful if everyone remembered your business name and that's what they searched for. However, most people search more generically for things like, "Winnipeg Website Designer" and find businesses that way. This means your website needs to be optimized to be found when people search for term such as these. We conduct keyword research so you know which keywords are the most important for your business and create a local SEO strategy to help you outrank your competitors.


A blog is a perfect way to rank for keywords that might otherwise not fit in with the rest of the content on your website, as well as expanding the keywords that you wish to target. For example, if there is an upcoming trade show you are attending and you want people to know that you are going to be there when they search for the tradeshow, you can do a blog post about it. The tradeshow content might be awkward to put onto your homepage so a blog is the perfect place to put that content. Keep in mind that ranking for a target keyword on search engines doesn't happen overnight. Local SEO strategies take time before we can start to see improvement.

Are you thinking "How am I supposed to do all this?!" Don't stress it. Our digital marketing and search engine optimization experts can manage this for you. Whether you like a more hands-on approach or need someone else to handle this, we offer services for whatever you need. To get found in local search contact Mark at

Be found in local search

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