Artwork and Brand Marketing

Looking for Some Chickspiration?

The local Chicken Chef in Morris came in looking for some chicken inspired Renaissance art, and we delivered! (Haha, chicken... delivered... ok, ok fine, I'm not that funny.) The finished graphic design artwork was pretty awesome and these bad boys are sure to get attention, great for brand marketing! (We may be kicking ourselves for not printing extra copies to hang around the office).

Brand Marketing

Every company has a "thing" that makes them unique. You hear "golden arches", you think McDonald's. If you see a swoosh, you might think about Nike. Good brand marketing connects with people on multiple levels and gets your customers familiar with your company. Now when I see the Mona Lisa I imagine her holding a bucket of chicken from Chicken Chef.

Artwork is a great way to utilize brand marketing. Keeping a consistent and unique image helps brand advocates to associate images with your brand. Think of brand marketing like a first date. What is the first impression I want to make? What do I want them to know about me? How can we connect? Do we have similar values? Then once you've laid down that foundation for your brand, keep it consistent otherwise, customers can't get familiar with you.

Brand Marketing is more than just your logo, it's how you tie in all of your marketing strategies. This includes your website, logo, graphic design elements, the first interaction customers have with you, social media and online interactions.

Stand out from your competitors with unique artwork and a branding strategy. Contact Shayne at to get started.

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