A practical example of Social Media for Business

This morning our onsite digital marketing training helped to demonstrate the lasting value of using social media for business with Southland Honda, in Winkler, Manitoba.

It was a fantastic cast study - except for one thing - but more on that later.

We used our Instagram account to shoot a quick promotional video about a 2016 Honda CRV. The clip took less than 5 minutes to plan and shoot - and now it can easily be embedded into a website.

Imagine how this kind of video could easily enrich your website!

The Lasting Asset Of Social Media Content

This social media marketing case study shows how much value a few minutes can create! The content is on Instagram... and it's easy to embed into any web page to enrich the content... but more than that -

Instagram also:

  • Uploads the video onto our page on Facebook,
  • sends a notice to our Twitter and
  • embeds the video on our Tumblr Blog.

One Key Missing Ingredient

The one thing that is 'missing': It would be great if we could include a direct link back to in the description under an Instagram video or photo. This option would provide social surfers an easy way to follow through - and might also provide a positive Search Engine Optimization boost.

Could Social Media Elevate Your Business?


Need some ideas? Call us for a no-obligation peek at some ways that our clients are successfully using social media for business to build awareness, generate leads, find business partnerships and provide value existing clients.

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