8 Tips to Make Your Tradeshow Booth Memorable

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Hemp Oil Canada[/caption]

Tradeshows are big business and we all want a piece of the pie. Did you know that 81% of tradeshow attendees have buying power, and that 67% of all attendees represent a new prospect for exhibiting companies? Some events have hundreds of exhibitors and your best shot at getting through to attendees is to make your booth stand out. We've come up with a list of 8 tips that will make your booth memorable.

1. Booth design.
This one is kind of obvious but step back and take a good look at your booth. What does it say about your company? Does it represent your brand the way you want it to? Does your booth attract the eye and the attention of visitors? Does it make a splash in comparison to other booths you've seen in your industry? Working with brand specialists and graphic designers, you can custom design a tradeshow booth that will make people stop and listen to what YOU are selling.

2. Swag it up!
Most people respond really well when you give them free goodies! After all, who doesn't like giveaways? The question is, what kind of merchandise are you presenting prospective customers, and will it kick the competitor's sad little pen out of the water? You don't have to spend a lot of money but make sure your merchandise is unique to your product and that it will make tradeshow-goers remember you.

3. Product Demonstration.
If it's food, dish it out. If it's electrical, plug it in. If it's cosmetic, slap it on. You catch my drift! The key here is to showcase your product and let people try it out for themselves (if that's applicable). By seeing your product in action, potential customers know exactly what to expect.

4. Interaction.
People love to interact at tradeshows. This doesn't mean just having a conversation with you, but actually having a hands-on experience in your booth. Different ideas include: games, tactile displays where people can actually feel, taste, smell your product, and use of technology.

5. Marketing Materials.
Make sure your marketing materials are up-to-date with your latest products and branding images. Also, think about the graphic design and content and whether or not it will be engaging and informative for potential customers.

6. You!
How YOU present yourself at your booth says a lot too! Stand up as much as you can, smile and make eye contact when people walk by. Avoid spending oodles of time on your phone. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for your industry. And make sure you are well versed in your product so you feel confident when you are speaking to visitors. You are one of the most important elements of your booth so make sure you shine!

7. Technology is your friend.
We live in a world where we have access to so much technology and, for the most part, at a fairly minimal cost. You can utilize monitors to play your product demo videos, interactive touch screens, iPads with product details, and laptops with slideshows. These are just a few ideas but, by using technology, you appear current and professional.

8. Social media is alive and well on the tradeshow circuit.
We know that half the world's population is active on social media. Yes, that's a lot of eyeballs! So there is no reason why you shouldn't use it before and during your tradeshow. Use it before to post a video of you in your booth with a teaser of what people can expect. Tweet about the event a few weeks ahead of time and make sure you use the appropriate hashtag for the event. Also remember to tweet from your booth during the show. Post pictures and videos of your booth on various social media platforms. Just because people aren't at the event, doesn't mean they can't still see what you have to offer at your booth.

By putting just a few of these tips into your tradeshow marketing, you will certainly see an increase in the traffic at your booth and money in the bank. If you need any assistance with your tradeshow materials, ask us for help! It's what we love to do.

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