5 Tips for Moving Your Sales Process Online

Businesses of all types and sizes realize that they need to move their sales process online. It's a daunting task to know what is required and to get the adoption of what may be a massive cultural shift. Consider these five easy places to start when thinking about digitalizing your sales process.

1. Document your current sales process

Start with what you know. Document your sales process as it is today to give you a foundation to build on. A great visual tool you can use to document your process is Miro. With your process documented, you can start looking at how to digitize any of your listed steps. For example, if your method includes a walk-through with a sales consultant, consider scheduling video calls between clients and your consultants to "walk" through your products virtually.


2. Update Your Online Assets to Reflect the Current Situation

Do your current digital assets inform and educate your customers on how you can safely serve them? Now your web presence is not just for customer convenience but safety. Customers are looking at how they can do business with you and what you are doing to create a safe experience.

3. Create a Central Source of Truth

With current events, many companies adopted new digital tools quickly. It may be time to revisit what you are using and create a central source of truth for your internal team to reference, so they know where to go for critical information.

At the beginning of the health crisis, our team also determined the tools we would use moving forward. Our Sales tech stack includes Slack for internal communication and Zoom for video conferencing with clients, both integrated with HubSpot as our central source of truth for all client information.

4. Get Your Business (and Products) Found Online

Before customers make purchases, they are doing research online. You need to ensure your website is optimized for the search engines to reach these customers at the start of their buyer's journey. Your website needs all your products displayed in a way to entice the customer to engage with your brand. Now more than ever, your website is your salesperson. If appropriate for your product or service, present options for people to order, and your methods of fulfillment (contactless pickup or delivery)

Click and collect use in June increased 130% compared to last year, according to Digital Commerce 360, with minimal slow down as stores have reopened.

5. Embrace Digital Communication Tools

Despite the necessity to stay apart, there are still ways to invoke personal interactions with your clients to build relationships and stay top of mind. You can do this in a few ways.

  • Use email and social media for top-of-mind touches. In times such as these, you can't over-communicate, use email or social media to broadcast messages on what your organization is doing and be sure to stay relevant to the current circumstances.
  • Create personal interaction with video. Face-to-face interactions are the best sales interactions. Video calls with your clients are the new face to face and can be just as effective. Also, video does not have to be live; it can be pre-recorded and personalized. This technique is particularly useful with training and customized product presentations. We use Vidyard to accomplish this.
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