3 Things You Need To Know When Planning a Marketing Campaign

You know marketing is necessary for business growth, and when we fail to plan, we plan to fail. It’s very easy to throw money away when proper planning is not done. Here are some crucial items you need to evaluate when planning a marketing campaign.

Don’t Skip Brand Awareness Campaigns

I’ll always remember something another expert marketer told me. If a client has a new business/product and they’re not willing to do a brand awareness campaign and only want “quick-wins”, they won’t work with them. This speaks volumes on the impact your marketing has if people are not aware of your business. After all, how often have you purchased a product without hearing about it in one way or another?

Create Short & Long-Term Goals

Both the short-term (quick-wins) and long-term goals are vital to your business’s success. Short-term campaign goals should always carry into your long term goals because for your business to see growth and a higher rate of return, both strategies are needed. While a short-term goal might be used to generate some new leads via a highly targeted marketing campaign, the long-term goal looks to create relationships with customers to keep them happy, engaged, and coming back again and again. After all, it costs 5x more to generate a new lead than to retain an existing customer.

Give Campaigns Enough Time

Expanding on the brand awareness section, you just spent hours planning the campaign, creating assets, and now you want to see results. That preparation and planning to run your campaign required time from you, and now your customers also need time to absorb the information you are providing. The average person needs to see your message seven times before it registers. It also takes the average person 45 days to learn something well enough to recite it later. This is why remarketing campaigns are so popular. Remarketing tracks your users that have interacted on your website and shows them ads on other websites to not only encourage conversions, but to create brand awareness.

Proper planning can often be overlooked when creating a marketing campaign. No matter your goals and where you’re advertising, a plan should always be put in place to maximize results and allow you to benchmark success throughout a campaign.

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