2016 Google Adwords Changes for Mobile and Maps

Major new features and functions with 2016 Google Adwords changes provide great opportunities for local retail businesses, rural service providers and national chains with regional divisions to really target their audience through digital marketing.

Is your company ready?

Highlights of Google Adwords Changes for Mobile and Maps

We wanted to break down the changes and explain why change is a good thing for your business, so read on!

Change is Good

In late May of 2016, Google announced some important changes to Google Adwords - offering better and more flexible controls for displaying ads on mobile phones and tablets, and for the first time, providing location targeted ad displays for the billions of searches on Google Maps - both the app and the desktop searches.

The increase in mobile searches on Google Maps is 50% more than the increase in mobile searches in general - and this creates a fantastic advantage for local businesses who utilize this space.

The Founder of WordStream, Larry Kim, reported on changes to Mobile Adwords strategies, after he attended the 'Google Adwords Performance Forums' Conference in San Francisco. Watch Larry's May 2016, AdWords Changes Coming Soon EVERYTHING You Need to Know Webinar for more direct insight.

With these 2016 Google Adwords Changes, retail businesses can now have a BRANDED pin on the map.

Potential customers using Google Maps can also see local inventory availability in ads and you can then provide a promotional offer to people who have been to your website, who are on your email list, or who have a location history in your area! Very targeted digital marketing indeed!

These user-context, location based ad targeting tools, can offer a sharp advantage for retail stores seeking to gain a greater market share of local audiences who are searching for products or services with their mobile devices.

Google Tracks User Locations to Measure In-Store Conversions

In the past two years, Google has been mapping out all the physical store locations on the planet. Now advertisers can track a campaign with the goal conversions of someone walking into your store!

90% of local mobile searches convert to an in-store visit. Google can count what ads you clicked on and track your location to determine if you followed through with a visit to the store after clicking on an ad.

Tracking People Based On Location History

Now with ads on the map with in-store visit conversions - you can determine exactly which ads are bringing people into your brick and mortar retail location!

Keyword Bid Strategy For Mobile

Local advertisers can also bid keywords up or down based on the location, device and audience that you are targeting. Desktop, tablet and mobile devices have improved bidding control, letting advertisers bid independently at the keyword level for each device. This means choosing to spend your dollars on what is working and stop spending dollars where it is not working.

New, Expanded Ad Formats For Mobile

Mobile ads take up 50% more of the top real estate in search results - these ads are much bigger and more prominent, and will be gaining 20% more of the clicks from these top search placements.

New, Expanded Google Ad formats for Mobile

Simpler Responsive Ad Formats

New ad formats for the Google Content Network now fit ads more smoothly into the mobile experience. You've probably viewed or clicked on ads in your Google searches and may not have realized they were actually ads! They are the links that are at the top, larger and most relevant to your search.

Google Adwords now offers better control for display ads on mobile phones and tablets.

It's time for local business to master the new mobile ad strategies, especially now that desktop search is declining in importance.

Desktop VS Mobile Search Clicks

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

RLSA is keyword targeting to show your ads to people who are searching for this term and limiting it to a list of people who have recently been to your website. By finding your best potential customers with this laser targeting, you should see your click through rates skyrocket. The better click through rates and engagements increase your quality score and lowers your advertising bid costs.

Combining search keyword targeting, limited to a list can double your conversion rate because these people are familiar with you.
Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Google Analytics is Your Friend

2016 Google Adwords changes continue to improve - and the Google Adwords Performance Forums Conference in San Francisco also announced improvement to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is embedded into your website and tracks and reports traffic. We love it as it gives us key data to help us tailor Google Adwords campaigns as well as produce website content that assists in SEO and improved ranking for our clients.

Machine Learning now provides additional ways for business owners to study and access the data that is most important to them. If all that data seem a bit confusing, never fear, we are here to break it down into smaller pieces and explain it to you to help your business succeed!

Machine Learning Google Analytics

Digital Marketing is Happening Now - Are You?

Digital Marketing is a specialty that encompasses any strategy of using online tools to bring qualified customers to your business.

Google Adwords is just one tool that we use to help businesses be big. It has a long and successful history of providing business with targeted audiences - and help to measure and optimize traffic spend to achieve visibility, brand awareness and draw active shoppers to view and interact with your offers.

BeBig - Our Successful Methodology

Photo Credits: to Wordstream Webinar.

2016 Google Adwords Changes - contact us to take advantage of the powerful user-context, location based ad targeting tools for display ads on Google Maps for mobile phones and tablets.

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